Hip Hop Cardio | Barre | Booty Camp | Resistance/Strength Training

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 Check out this printer-friendly workout guide for busy mamas looking for options to workout at home. These workouts can also be used in the gym, hotel rooms, outside, or anywhere in your home.

Equipment needed: a comfortable spot on the floor and hand weights. Options for no equipment are also available.

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Hip Hop Cardio | Booty Camp | Barre| Resistance & Strength Training

What is Strong VIP?

GetFit STRONG was created for that busy lady looking for a roadmap for working out at home. 

Talking about leaving all the frustration on the floor.  Embracing that gorgeous badass you are, shaking that booty, and transforming not only your body but your mind. 

Learn to love that sexy body.  Rediscover you in the mirror.