Hands down one of my favorite fitness swag companies.  The best part is being able to support local small business and get a little Louisville swag.

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Barre at home?  Yes please!

This is the perfect edition to your home workout space.  

I think I am in ❤️ with this and totally sharing.

Booty..booty…booty everywhere 🤣

Total barre moves that you can do from home. What???!!??? Yep. Finally we have something that works without having to drill holes in the wall.

Girl, I got us the hook up too. Nothing like a sweet deal. Click on the button below to get this baby in your hands for $80 (saves you $20 bucks!) AND that’s not all you get (in my announcer voice 🤣), you get a bender ball too! These suckers are just pure awesome sauce.

Can’t I get all my nutrients from what I eat?  
On the surface, this question makes a lot of sense.  If we are eating a whole, fresh, unprocessed food selection….should we not be able to get everything we need?
Unfortunately it is not that easy.  Research consistently finds that most Americans have diets that lack the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals.   The USDA has found that the typical adult does not get enough calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, D, and E.
So…how do you find the right daily supplement that meets your needs?  
Start with a daily multi-vitamin that includes A, C, D, E, K, and B vitamins.  Other nutrients to include are iron, iodine, magnesium, omega-3 fish oil, and calcium.  
If you are interested in the supplements that I am currently using, send me a message below and let’s chat.  
Also check out the messages that I have received from other women that are on the same daily regiment.  
My clothes feel so good!
I feel so good!
Just took my measurements and I have lost 8 inches from my waist!!!! WHAT?????!!!!?????
I put on my skinny jeans today. SKINNY JEANS! No bloat girl!
Today I am feeling energy that I haven't felt in years
I can already feel/tell a difference. I have more energy. I don't crave coffee and coke. I am not as hungry all the time. Already loving this!!!!
Holy Crap GIRL!!!
This actually works!

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