A little about me….

After my second baby, I found myself sitting very uncomfortably in my skin, eating complete crap, over weight, and unable to physically do the things I used to be able to do.  One morning, I took a really good look at myself in the mirror and made the decision to transform myself, NOT to be skinny, but to be STRONG.  To be able to be comfortable in my skin and clothes…to be able to pick up my keys if they fell on the floor….and to be able to do activities alongside my kids.  

Taking what I have learned and sharing with our gang of amazing women.  This is about helping us mamas rediscover our SPARK through fitness….and this starts with finding a workout that doesn’t suck!  

Jaime offers online and local support to women through fitness coaching and group fitness activities. 
❌ STOP the sucky workouts
❌ STOP the crazy diets

Shake your booty & start eating some real food!

Join our tribe of amazing women kicking life in the behind!

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